Client Testimonials

“You would have to search far and wide to find someone with a deeper industry knowledge regarding legal advertising and compliance issues. There’s a significant comfort level when I know James Bewley Law is on the job.”

“In today’s competitive climate, you have to be progressive with your marketing initiatives. You need strategic ethical leadership with a ‘can do’ mentality. That’s what I get, and that’s what I trust from James Bewley Law.”

“Legal marketing is one of the most restrictive industries in the country. Compliance is not something I take lightly. Jimmy has been a trusted advisor and counselor for my advertising compliance efforts for over 15 years.”

“I count on James Bewley Law for trademark strategies and guidance on how to effectively leverage the value of our intellectual properties. Jimmy’s mix of creative insight, compliance experience, and trademark knowledge is powerful.”

“Ethically navigating the national landscape of legal advertising can be challenging. I rely on James Bewley Law to safely guide my marketing efforts on our way to successful compliance.”

“In today’s competitive legal marketplace, it takes a firm willing to establish itself through using a multitude of media platforms. We count on James Bewley Law to lead the way in helping us negotiate potential advertising pitfalls and unforeseen circumstances.”

“With no national legal advertising rules and little guidance to be found, you look for ways to find confidence in your advertising decisions. We found the solution with James Bewley Law. We absolutely believe in our relationship and trust their advice implicitly when it comes to our successful national initiatives.”

“I have worked with Jimmy for many years during numerous marketing campaigns for my firm. There are few, if any, I would trust more with their advice when it comes to building an aggressive, effective marketing plan and compliance with the advertising rules.”

“After 30 years of working with legal advertising rules, I have confidence that the advice I get from James Bewley Law will help me make sound decisions when it comes to my marketing efforts. JBL is known as an authority on bar rules in almost every state.

“Leveraging trademarks in our advertising has given us a unique and distinct advantage. James Bewley Law helps us with not only securing and enforcing our trademarks, but also by providing strategic insight on marketing them effectively. ”

“I am respectful of the limitations placed on legal advertising, but the rules are not always black and white. It is important to get an ethical/legal opinion from someone who knows the various bar rules on advertising. I appreciate a lawyer who will help decipher what I can do, as opposed to what I can’t. That’s what we get from James Bewley Law. There is always an ethical solution. ”

“Not being 100 percent compliant with the advertising rules is not an option. However, with being in a fiercely competitive industry ,you have to aggressively promote your message. With James Bewley Law on our side, I’m confident strategies can and will be built where we can be both compliant and aggressive in our marketing efforts. Trust me, that feeling of confidence is priceless. ”

“I know when we get advertising ethics advice and trademark counsel from James Bewley Law, we’re getting a very proactive, knowledgeable and focused assessment. I won’t have to waste my time hearing about what won’t be allowed under all the restrictions. What I will hear is a ‘can do’ attitude for what we want to accomplish. ”

“Regardless of what everyone else is doing with their marketing efforts, I like to make smart, confident decisions that not only promote, but protect our firm. I rely on James Bewley Law to help me determine effective and compliant marketing strategies within the restrictions in which we must operate.”

“Whether strategies on trademark use or advertising compliance, I have counted on James Bewley Law to give me a true, confident assessment for many years. I want a lawyer that will tell me what I ‘can do’, not ‘what I can’t’ when it comes to creative decision-making. That’s what I get with JBL. ”