Trademark Strategy

Great companies know the value of great intellectual property assets. At James Bewley Law, it’s our goal to help you capture the essence of your brand—the thing that makes you unique and distinct in the marketplace—by leveraging trademark opportunities. We’ll help you develop, implement, and protect these valuable assets, so you can maximize their effectiveness and grow your firm.

4 Ways We Can Help

Our years of legal marketing experience mean we know how to use trademarks to your advantage. We’ll show you how they can differentiate and distance your firm from your competition.

  1. Creative Development
    James Bewley Law can help you brainstorm and strategize potential trademarks to promote your services in your creative marketing plan.
  2. Compliance Analysis
    As we help you develop your trademark, you can also rely on our 20-plus years of legal marketing experience, not only from a creative and effectiveness perspective, but also from a compliance standpoint. Your trademark will only prove beneficial to your firm if it also complies with your state’s advertising rules.
  3. Implemention
    We’ll work closely with your creative team and assist with devising a strategy for leveraging the value of the trademark and turning it into a promotable marketing asset for your firm.
  4. Protection
    With legal advertising being such a highly restricted industry, a competitor copying your success is not uncommon. We can help you with surveillance of potential infringers and with enforcement of your trademark rights.

Get the Most out of Your Trademark

Leveraging trademark opportunities in your marketing strategy can help set your firm apart from your competition. But that’s just the beginning of the advantages a well-crafted trademark can bring to your business.

Let James Bewley Law take your trademark to the next level—dial (615) 296-1066 or fill out our free contact request form and get in touch with us today.