Trademark Registration, Filing, and Licensing

Creating distinctive and unique marketing campaigns is only half the battle for businesses trying to gain an edge in their markets. Developing strategies for protecting those creative assets through building valuable pieces of intellectual property can help close the circle and drive away competition. It all begins with applying for federal registration of your trademarks.

How We Can Help Register Your Trademark

At James Bewley Law, we’ll take the “unknowns” and hassles out of applying for and securing federal registration of your valuable intellectual assets.

We’re here to help you:

  • Choose an original trademark
    Your trademark must be original and not easily confused with similar trademarks in the same category of use. We’ll help you brainstorm a trademark idea that’s unique to your business and market.
  • Avoid descriptive and/or generic language
    Trademark registration guidelines require applications that are accurate in conveying the unique and distinctive qualities of a product or service. James Bewley Law can help you develop effective trademark strategies that meet these requirements for your application, and ultimately, your registration. At the same time, we’ll help ensure your selected trademark will become a creative asset to the benefit of your business.
  • Deciding what trademark register
    We can help you narrow down your trademark ideas, not only from a technical standpoint as it relates to registration, but we’ll also help you strategize from the creative aspect. Your trademark is only an asset if it is effective in helping you grow your business by promoting your brand.
  • Determine your legal services and advertising categories
    We’ll ensure your application is right on the mark. Registration requires you to identify the particular category for which your trademark will serve. In the legal marketing field, you will file under the “legal services” classification. But, we don’t stop there. After further reviewing how you intend to use your trademark, we’ll advise you about other categories that might prove beneficial. For example, we frequently apply for “advertising services” as well.
  • Complete and file the application
    James Bewley Law can help tie up any loose ends before we submit your trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We’ll handle your submission from application to registration. We also provide any ongoing maintenance of your trademark, including renewals and infringement surveillance at your request.

When it’s time to register your trademark, you don’t have to worry about a thing. James Bewley Law takes care of every step for you—including follow-up applications and fees. It’s our goal to make the trademark registration process as easy as possible for you. Get in touch with us today—just dial (615) 296-1066 or fill out a free contact request form.