Trademark Enforcement and Defense

Your trademark is your brand’s identity. Unfortunately, if it’s considered valuable, others will follow in your footsteps, and some will even directly take what you’ve spent time and money to build.

That’s why surveillance of your intellectual property is so vital, especially on the two largest media platforms—television and Internet. Once you find infrigement, it’s your duty to protect what’s yours. James Bewley Law’s trademark enforcement programs and tactics can help you find the culprits and stop them in their tracks.

Steps We Take to Defend Your Trademark

With the Trademark Management service at James Bewley Law, we handle every aspect of protecting your trademark—including contacting infringing firms. We have more than 20 years experience in legal marketing, and we know how to pursue compliance without jumping to threats of litigation right away.

If we identify a firm or business is infringing on your trademark, we:

  • Make the firm aware of the infringement.
    Many times, just letting the principal of an infringing firm or business know the trademark is your intellectual property is enough to settle the issue. They may not be aware that the trademark is in use for their benefit, and less likely to know it is registered to your firm.
  • Send a cease and desist letter.
    If the firm fails to comply with our request to remove your trademark, we send a cease and desist letter and accompanying documentation that proves the trademark is yours and ask that the firm or business stop using it immediately.
  • Begin additional intervention tactics.
    After exhausting all other options, which usually concludes with a complaint being sent directly to the infringing firm, we escalate our intervention tactics up to, but not always including, litigation.

At James Bewley Law, we will do everything we can to protect your trademark. But it’s also our goal to resolve infringement cases without unneeded expense or concern on your part. Let us use our experience and enforcement strategies to protect your trademark ownership. Call us at (615) 296-1066 or fill out our free contact request form, and get in touch with us today.