Trademark Management

Your trademark is an essential part of your business.

James Bewley Law can help you develop, implement, and protect a trademark that is unique and distinctive to your brand.

  • Strategy 
    During this initial brainstorming phase, we help you analyze all the possibilities, so your chosen trademark will be an effective asset in your marketing plan. And, once chosen, we’ll conduct a search for any similar marks already registered to avoid frustration and unwanted expenses.
  • Registration
    When it’s time to register your trademark, you don’t have to lift a finger. We complete all stages of the trademark application process for you. Once we have a little information from you, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and deal with the government processes as we head toward registration.

    • Licensing
      Once registration has been secured, you may decide you want to share your trademark with others. Sometimes, this can be a profitable opportunity, especially if others in the same industry see the value of your efforts. JBL can help you negotiate these licensing opportunities, as well as prepare and execute trademark agreements governing their use.
  • Surveillance 
    JBL can provide surveillance of your trademarks for small additional fees. Using AdScope™ and Internet searches, we scour television markets and the Web each month to make sure your trademark is safe from infringers. We also send you a monthly Trademark Surveillance Report to show you our findings and warn you of any possible infringements.
  • Enforcement and Defense
    If we find a potential infringer, we take immediate action. Our experience in legal advertising means we know how to communicate infringement issues to other attorneys without resorting to threats of litigation. Typically, infringement situations can be handled with simple and appropriate communication to the offending party, thus avoiding expensive legal battles.
  • Our Clients
    You’ve read about what we can do for you in your quest to obtain, protect, and leverage intellectual property opportunities—now check it out for yourself. Our list of clients grows every year, and we’re proud to serve some of the most successful marketing law firms in the country.

We can help you with all your trademark management needs. Contact us today, and let us put our years of experience in legal advertising to work for you. Just dial (615) 296-1066 or fill out a free contact request form.