Well-planned disclaimers can clarify advertising claims and help protect legal brands like yours from advertising ethics violations. At James Bewley Law, we can evaluate your brand’s marketing strategy and help you prepare disclaimers that benefit your brand and the consumers you’re trying to reach.

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4 Questions to Consider When Creating Disclaimers

You’ve worked hard to build your brand, and you should work hard to protect it. Disclaimers not only ensure compliance with advertising rules in your market, they also help set consumer expectations.

Ask yourself these four questions when designing a disclaimer for an ad campaign:

  1. Is a disclaimer necessary?
    Whether or not a disclaimer is required can depend on the specific restrictions in your state, the topics covered in your marketing materials, and bar rule interpretations. We’ll advise you on when disclaimers are necessary or recommended, and we’ll help your legal brand advertise responsibly.
  2. What does your disclaimer need to say?
    You need to comply with advertising rules, but you want your message to be clear to potential clients. At James Bewley Law, we’re focused on helping you create disclaimers that protect your brand without sacrificing the focus of your marketing campaigns.
  3. How do you say what you need to say?
    Not saying enough may leave your law firm open to ethics violations. But saying too much can drive away or confuse your potential clients. We know what works in markets across the United States, and we’ll help you create a disclaimer that works for you.
  4. Where should your disclaimer be placed?
    Disclaimer placement can vary depending on the message and media platform. We can help you comply with any applicable advertising rules in your market.

You’re busy generating leads, representing your clients, and building your brand. Let James Bewley Law help protect your law firm from potential ethics violations so you can focus on implementing innovative marketing strategies. Contact us today.